Feydakin Around the Web : Oct / Nov

December 02 10 Comments Off Category: SEO

It’s been a busy month around here, between the holidays and buying that land down south it’s been hard to get much done. I’ll be back to writing more here at feydakin.com soon, I hope..

Dojo Radio: I’m real happy with how things are going with the dojo radio. We are having great guests and the conversations have been great for anyone interested in search and internet marketing.

Week 12 of the Dojo Radio Show features the always fun Joe Hall. Joe talks about his social media search tool Whos Talkin among other things. The gang talks more about Google Instant and eye tracking, some of the new Google interface testing that appears to be going on and we even get around to talking a bit about Bing.

Week 13 of the Dojo Radio Show features link builder extraordinaire Garrett French who talks about his tools and the current state of link building. We pick on Ross Hudgens a bit, talk a bit about using world record marketing, Google Bombing and much more.

Week 14 at the Dojo Radio Show features Brian Carter who visits with us about Search and Social marketing. The regular crew beats up on Eric Schmidt a bit, and we get stuck in a discussion about software patents.

In week 15 at the Dojo Radio Show we are visited by the lovely Virginia Nussey. Discussion about Google Places and Local, Reviewer reputation and much more.

Metal Monster Marketing: I spent some time writing about using World Records as Viral Marketing over at Metal Monster.

We also made a few minor fixes to make OpenCart a bit more Search Engine friendly in SEO Breadcrumbs for OpenCart.

Squidoo: We did some travelling recently and ended up in Kansas City. I decided to write a lens over on Squidoo about the city.

Red Fence Ridge: Diane and I started a new blog for our new home in Tennessee. Not sure what that will be about, but most likely just a home blog explaining what we are doing in our personal lives.

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