Going Country!

November 09 10 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life, Personal

94 Acres

After several years of planning Diane and I have finally pulled the trigger. A couple of weeks ago we went down to Tennessee to look at some land. Next thing I know we are making an offer on 94 acres of rolling hills in west central Tennessee.

The land is stunning. It’s off the beaten track 20 minutes from the nearest ‘city’. The views are amazing and the neighbors are anything but close. There is a lot of planning and work be done yet. We have a house to build, barns to build, critters to move, but step one of getting on with part 3, or is it 4?, of our lives is about to start and we are totally excited about it.

We been working on floor plans for the new house as well. Well, more accurately, Diane has been sending me floor plans and pointing out what she does and does not like. Then I get the fun, it really is fun, of making the design work for us. Finally, after many years I get to use my architecture degree again.

To go with the new house I’m thinking about starting a new web site to document the whole thing, but I need to come up with a name for the property first. I was thinking about calling it Texas, but Diane says that name is already taken so I need to keep working. She then came up with Rohan, but it sounded a bit familiar so we will have to keep trying.

I’m ready to go now.

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