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7 Wonders of Middlie Earth

March 17 Comments Off Category: Graphics, Whatever

Major Moves

October 31 Comments Off Category: Whatever

After years of neglect, Feydakin.Com finally got a face lift.. Gone is the old scary me, here is the kinder, happier me.. Lots of projects coming in the 2010 year.. I will get back to cataloging all my obsolete gear, from my Sony Watchman to the ’49 Indian Scout that I’m going to restore with […]

Think different for Mother’s Day

April 24 Comments Off Category: Events, Personal, Whatever

I’ve never rally been accused of being a part of the crowd. But for Mother’s Day I usually cheap out and give my mom a piece of jewelry that I made (its cool – I’m really a jeweler, but you knew that), or a plant that she will manage to kill in short order. So […]

What do you do with old domains?

December 15 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet, Marketing, SEO, Whatever

I admit it, I collect things.. Comic books, swords, cars, domain names, whatever I feel like at the moment.. I always intend to do something grand with whatever I collect, but in most cases they just end up collecting dust and making my wife mad..¬† With me restarting everything¬† around here fresh I was going […]

Ch – ch – ch – ch – changes

October 04 1 Comment Category: Business, Personal, Whatever

[youtube n8v486aUYu0] Seems like just a couple months ago I was talking about re-opening my internet marketing company, Metal Monster Marketing, and here I am again with another change. It’s time to leave the jewelry business entirely. Effective Christmas Eve I’ll be leaving Images Jewelers as a full time contractor. I’ve loved the last 6 […]

Jewelers should know what they are selling?

October 12 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, Whatever

I try not to rant too hard on the jewelry trade.. It does feed my family after all.. But I was reading this interesting Time Magazine poll about retail jewelers.. It seems that the number one complaint of 2000 polled consumers is that their jeweler, or jewelry salesperson doesn’t always know as much as they […]

Migrating to flickr

September 06 Comments Off Category: Whatever

After running coppermine here for a while I’m moving the gallery to flickr.. It’s mostly for drive space and bandwidth considerations.. I’m reasonably happy with flickrRSS but I may experiment with a few other tools I’ve seen out there.. this was just easiest to set up..

What the what

August 04 Comments Off Category: Whatever

It’s been a while since I posted anything relevant to anything else.. I blame real life.. And these 70 hour work weeks.. I got the Bangles and Brides pligg front end installed and working finally.. Launched it Friday I think.. It’s all a blur.. BaB has been growing slowly and steadily and I really think […]