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Somebody’s watching me.. ..

Cue the Rockwell video.. A little background before we start.. I am a partner at, but I also own my own design studio (no website – gasp) and do jewelry / CAD design over at Images Jewelers.. I came back from lunch today to my office at Images to see some mail sitting on […]

The Templar Meridians

November 06 Comments Off Category: Books, UFOs and Crop Circles

The Templar Meridians by William F. Mann is an interesting, if dry, book that goes in to some detail about what exactly the Templar treasure was.. In Mann’s opinion the true treasure of the Templars was knowledge.. Knowledge of navigation and metalurgy more than anything else.. The Templars relearned lost knowledge when they occupied Solomon’s […]

Norad Closing : The end of an era

August 02 Comments Off Category: UFOs and Crop Circles

The end of the cold war may finally be here as the hot wars are getting hotter.. It has been announced that the cost overruns and the lack of performance of updated early warning systems and various communications devices have finally forced the Air Force to relocate to an above ground facility at Peterson AFB.. […]