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Feydakin Around the Web : Oct / Nov

December 02 Comments Off Category: SEO

It’s been a busy month around here, between the holidays and buying that land down south it’s been hard to get much done. I’ll be back to writing more here at soon, I hope.. Dojo Radio: I’m real happy with how things are going with the dojo radio. We are having great guests and […]

Feydakin Around the Web : Sept

October 01 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, SEO

It’s been a slow month around casa de Feydakin. The end of summer means getting the place ready to for winter, getting in some last chance fishing, and oh yeah, watching my daughter get married. But I still managed to get out and contribute to the level of fluff on the net. DojoRadio: In Week […]

Feydakin Around the Web : August

September 01 Comments Off Category: Marketing, Outdoor Life, SEO

It’s the end of another month and it was a productive one. Between finishing up the kitchen remodel and getting back out in to the work force I’ve been pretty busy. Here are just a few places you can read what I’ve been up to. Dojo Radio is off and running. This month we’ve had […]

Feydakin Around the Web

July 27 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, Marketing, SEO

I’m all over the web this month. Over at the HuoMah SEO Dojo I’ve written an article about Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing is a way for for-profit companies to work hand in hand with non-profit organizations in an effort to promote both organizations and enable them to reach larger markets than they would alone. Over […]

Google Prayer

October 31 Comments Off Category: SEO

Google, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were white hats or black. Or if our links were follow or nofollow. All that matters is that we took rank in a hard niche. That’s what’s important! Pagerank pleases you, Google… […]

What do you do with old domains?

December 15 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet, Marketing, SEO, Whatever

I admit it, I collect things.. Comic books, swords, cars, domain names, whatever I feel like at the moment.. I always intend to do something grand with whatever I collect, but in most cases they just end up collecting dust and making my wife mad..¬† With me restarting everything¬† around here fresh I was going […]

They’re everywhere

August 26 2 Comments Category: SEO

A few years ago I got the pleasure of going toe to toe with an internet SEO Guru and when he was put in his place he threatened legal action for stealing his serps.. I’m convinced that every year we need one or two of these fabulous people to come forward with their misconceptions, and […]

Movin’ right along

February 02 Comments Off Category: Business, Hack The Planet, Marketing, Personal, SEO

Wow, look at all the categories this one drops in to. Just a quick note to let the loyal readership, all three of you, that I’ve decided to expand my company again and branch out from a single customer jeweler / web guy and hang out my developer shingle again.. Large Orange Pop is the […]