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I love hippies

August 28 1 Comment Category: Humor, Politics

Why are do gooders so easily duped?? And what does it say about the manipulators that manage to get all these followers??

The long arm of the law keeps getting longer

February 13 Comments Off Category: Politics

And at some point it will snap and lead to an upheaval unprecedented in over 200 years.. The latest attempts of the US Gubment to stretch their reach far beyond it’s bounds has now reached to Japanese TV.. It seems that the ATF is upset about a beer commercial.. Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka […]

A Hacker Manifesto – Marxism 2.0

January 30 Comments Off Category: Books, Politics

Let me start of by saying up front that I am apparently a political opposite to the points of view raised in this book.. I really tried to read this with an open mind, but the writing is so dry and stilted that I simply couldn’t get in to the philosophies being presented.. It felt […]

Somebody’s watching me.. ..

Cue the Rockwell video.. A little background before we start.. I am a partner at, but I also own my own design studio (no website – gasp) and do jewelry / CAD design over at Images Jewelers.. I came back from lunch today to my office at Images to see some mail sitting on […]

Foreign Nations owning US infrastructure

August 07 Comments Off Category: Politics

Breaking news tells that London based British Petroleum is closing down the Alaskan Pipeline and the Prudhoe Bay Oil fields to repair a leak in the pipeline.. Leaks happen, I understand that, and in the grand scheme of things the Alaskan oil fields only produce about 8% of the US domestic oil so it ‘shouldn’t’ […]

So who is evil??

May 03 Comments Off Category: Politics

Last week a report on CNN stated that a Chinese citizen was arrested, convicted, and jailed for four years for “incitement to subvert state power”.. This in itself is nothing new.. What is new is that a US based search engine company has been named in court documents as providing evidence that helped convict the […]