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Going Country!

November 09 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life, Personal

After several years of planning Diane and I have finally pulled the trigger. A couple of weeks ago we went down to Tennessee to look at some land. Next thing I know we are making an offer on 94 acres of rolling hills in west central Tennessee. The land is stunning. It’s off the beaten […]

Feydakin Around the Web : August

September 01 Comments Off Category: Marketing, Outdoor Life, SEO

It’s the end of another month and it was a productive one. Between finishing up the kitchen remodel and getting back out in to the work force I’ve been pretty busy. Here are just a few places you can read what I’ve been up to. Dojo Radio is off and running. This month we’ve had […]

Fat Man Riding

July 15 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life, Personal

So the walking thing didn’t go very well.. Bad knees, no time, walking takes forever, and it’s gawdawful hot no matter ho early I go out.. My friend Mark recently took up bike riding and has done wonderful things with his weight so I figured I’d give it a try.. I’ve owned this nice Trek […]

Brown Trout Fishing

April 28 2 Comments Category: Outdoor Life

We went up to Kenosha, WI, last week to do a little fishing up on Lake Michigan. We hooked up with Rich at Stellar Charters to do a little brown trout fishing. The day started out great at around 6am. We left Kenosha harbor and turned south along the shore to start trolling. Waves were […]

Can you read a calendar?

March 22 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life

Apparently most state’s DNRs can’t.. I decided it would be a great idea to go fishing this weekend.. I’m loosing my mind at work and just sitting on a dock drowning worms would be a welcome relief.. So I figured I should get a new license for 2007.. Apparently the new licenses aren’t good until […]

Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

July 30 1 Comment Category: Outdoor Life

Took a bunch of great guys up to Lake Michigan (St. Joseph. Mi) for a day on the lake fishing for salmon.. The day was great.. The water was reasonable with about 5 to 6 foot rollers coming through.. We didn’t get the big haul I was hoping for, but we did boat our share […]

Sporting Clays Takes Practice Apparently

July 22 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life

So the wife has a damned cool boss.. He’s in town from Arizona and invited the folks to join him at Back Forty Sporting Clays for a morning of target shooting.. For those of you not familiar with target shooting sporting clays, skeet, trap, etc., you basically move through several, in this case 10, stations […]

Tying Knots in Fishing Line

June 26 Comments Off Category: Outdoor Life

I love to fish.. Never get to fish enough.. Well, hardly at all this year.. The problem is that I pretty much suck at it.. I’m fabulous at sitting in the boat, driving the boat (or is it piloting?), even parking at the pier next to the tavern with a 26′ pontoon in a current.. […]