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Feydakin Around the Web : August

September 01 Comments Off Category: Marketing, Outdoor Life, SEO

It’s the end of another month and it was a productive one. Between finishing up the kitchen remodel and getting back out in to the work force I’ve been pretty busy. Here are just a few places you can read what I’ve been up to. Dojo Radio is off and running. This month we’ve had […]

Feydakin Around the Web

July 27 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, Marketing, SEO

I’m all over the web this month. Over at the HuoMah SEO Dojo I’ve written an article about Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing is a way for for-profit companies to work hand in hand with non-profit organizations in an effort to promote both organizations and enable them to reach larger markets than they would alone. Over […]

What do you do with old domains?

December 15 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet, Marketing, SEO, Whatever

I admit it, I collect things.. Comic books, swords, cars, domain names, whatever I feel like at the moment.. I always intend to do something grand with whatever I collect, but in most cases they just end up collecting dust and making my wife mad..¬† With me restarting everything¬† around here fresh I was going […]

Chatting for fun and profit!

September 24 1 Comment Category: Marketing

I find myself actually spending more time in chat rooms these days than at almost any other point in my internet life.. Except for that 2 years where I was completely addicted to Utopia and all communications happened in IRC.. As I find myself spending more and more time in the marketing world I’ve found […]

Movin’ right along

February 02 Comments Off Category: Business, Hack The Planet, Marketing, Personal, SEO

Wow, look at all the categories this one drops in to. Just a quick note to let the loyal readership, all three of you, that I’ve decided to expand my company again and branch out from a single customer jeweler / web guy and hang out my developer shingle again.. Large Orange Pop is the […]

Being social, why is it such “big news”?

September 25 Comments Off Category: Marketing, SEO

I am constantly seeing articles and blog posts from internet marketers touting the discovery of being friendly online for sales. Advice on how to join a community and be active, for sales. Or simply not being rude, for sales. Why is this news? There are huge numbers of us that have been, and continue to […]