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Feydakin Around the Web : Sept

October 01 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, SEO

It’s been a slow month around casa de Feydakin. The end of summer means getting the place ready to for winter, getting in some last chance fishing, and oh yeah, watching my daughter get married. But I still managed to get out and contribute to the level of fluff on the net. DojoRadio: In Week […]

Feydakin Around the Web

July 27 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, Marketing, SEO

I’m all over the web this month. Over at the HuoMah SEO Dojo I’ve written an article about Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing is a way for for-profit companies to work hand in hand with non-profit organizations in an effort to promote both organizations and enable them to reach larger markets than they would alone. Over […]

Wal-Mart going green?? Really??

July 31 Comments Off Category: Jewelry

A lot of places were commenting about a press release put out by the good folks at Wal-Mart letting people know that they are jumping on the sustainable, green, environmentally friendly, jewelry trend.. My first thought was, really?? You mean after all these years of trashing the environment by pushing their products made in places […]

Jewelers should know what they are selling?

October 12 Comments Off Category: Jewelry, Whatever

I try not to rant too hard on the jewelry trade.. It does feed my family after all.. But I was reading this interesting Time Magazine poll about retail jewelers.. It seems that the number one complaint of 2000 polled consumers is that their jeweler, or jewelry salesperson doesn’t always know as much as they […]

Jewelry Scam – Diamond Nexus Labs

September 01 14 Comments Category: Jewelry

A new website went up recently labled as a Consumer Guide to Synthetic Diamonds at The site purports to provide a consumer’s guide to the best quality and service from companies providing man-made diamonds.. Great idea, it’s alwasy a great thing to have more information out there to help people decide.. Unfortunatly they seem […]