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Ms Pac-Man Restoration Pt 1

January 16 1 Comment Category: Gaming, Hack The Planet

I decided that since it was too cold outside to do much more than run to the truck that now would be a good time to try to restore my old Ms Pac-Man game. But first, I need to figure out what’s broken. When dad gave me the game a couple years ago I was […]


December 30 Comments Off Category: Books, Hack The Planet

[iframe 120 240] I just finished reading Sex.Com by Kieren McCarthy and the #1 takeaway was something we have known for a very long time, Network Solutions sucks as a registrar. For those of you unaware of the drama, here is a very brief history: 1994 Sex.Com was registered by Gary Kreman 1995 Sex.Com […]

What do you do with old domains?

December 15 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet, Marketing, SEO, Whatever

I admit it, I collect things.. Comic books, swords, cars, domain names, whatever I feel like at the moment.. I always intend to do something grand with whatever I collect, but in most cases they just end up collecting dust and making my wife mad..  With me restarting everything  around here fresh I was going […]


December 10 Comments Off Category: Books, Hack The Planet

[iframe 120 240] Let me start off by saying that I am not an Apple fanatic. I started out an an Apple II way made in high school, but never really got hooked on them. I was a Tandy user for the most part. Maybe it was the price. Maybe it was the fact […]

The history of chat: Part 1

October 13 1 Comment Category: Hack The Planet

Hey good buddy, did you know that CB radio, or citizens’ band radio, is the great-grandfather to synchronous conferencing, also known as online chatting. In the 70’s you couldn’t get away from CB radios, they were everywhere from the trucker’s cab to mom’s trying to keep tabs on their kids. They took cruising in the […]

Movin’ right along

February 02 Comments Off Category: Business, Hack The Planet, Marketing, Personal, SEO

Wow, look at all the categories this one drops in to. Just a quick note to let the loyal readership, all three of you, that I’ve decided to expand my company again and branch out from a single customer jeweler / web guy and hang out my developer shingle again.. Large Orange Pop is the […]

WP Plugins – SEO Title Tag

January 08 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet, SEO

Ok, so I may not be completely up to speed on all things WordPress so a lot of people already know about and use this great title tool.. But I just discovered it and wanted to share the love a little more.. The SEO Title Tag plugin for WordPress allows you to override the default […]

Firefox plugin – Tab Mix

December 30 Comments Off Category: Hack The Planet

Tab Mix Plus One of my biggest complaints with tabbed browsing in Firefox has been the inability to right click a tab and open it in a new browser.. Tab Mix solves this and several other issues for me.. Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling […]