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1949 Indian Scout Project

November 01 Comments Off Category: Gear Head, Motorcycle

There is a wee bit of a story behind this bike. My dad bought it about 5 years ago as a project for him in his retirement. We found it in the back of a gun shop and picked it up, complete (minus the speedo), for 2 grand. A couple years went and Dad didn’t […]

The great train race

February 04 Comments Off Category: Cold War Tech, Gear Head, Obsolescence, Trains, Weird Science

I love weird tech, and it’s really hard to beat the weirdness that the cold war created here and in Russia.. I grew up at the tail end of the cold war that Ronald Reagan, all praise his name, helped bring to an end while I was still in high school.. Anyway, where was I?? […]

More Power – F350

October 25 Comments Off Category: Gear Head

We traded in the Corvette a while back for a bigger truck.. The horse trailer and everything else were just killing my Dodge 1500, so we go this Ford F350 Dually with the turbo deisel.. Wonderful truck.. Plenty of power and very comfortable.. But there is never really enough power.. So I had the guys […]