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Ms Pac-Man Restoration Pt 1

January 16 1 Comment Category: Gaming, Hack The Planet

I decided that since it was too cold outside to do much more than run to the truck that now would be a good time to try to restore my old Ms Pac-Man game. But first, I need to figure out what’s broken. When dad gave me the game a couple years ago I was […]

Making old games new again

January 25 Comments Off Category: Gaming

I have several arcade games here in my man cave. An old Ms. PacMan that gave up the smoke a while back and I have yet to repair, a mostly non-functional pole position at my brother-in-laws, and my pride and joy, and a Super Space Fortress Macross that almost no one has ever heard of. […]

Pong: S 4000 from K-Mart

January 13 Comments Off Category: Gaming, Obsolescence, Toys

Serial # 150836 Processor: GI AY-3-8500-1 I found this in my dad’s attic a long time ago.. I even remember when we first got it and how it lasted all of about 2 weeks before no one would play against me.. Then another 2 weeks before no one at all played it.. K-Mart’s entry into […]


November 10 Comments Off Category: Gaming, Obsolescence, TV

I stumbled across the Starcade website the other day and about lost my lunch. The clothes, the goofy contestants, the oh so cool games from the 80s. For those of you not old enough to remember, video games used to be played at a place called the “arcade“. We would actually leave our house and […]

Human Space Invaders

August 09 Comments Off Category: Gaming, Humor

This is a great example of too much time and too many friends..


June 04 Comments Off Category: Books, Gaming

Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby have put together a great book about the culture of gaming and game developers.. The book follows several of the game world’s masters such as CliffyB (Unreal) and Shigeru Miyamoto (Nitendo) and their rise to the top of the gaming world.. Weaving game developer events with the history of gaming […]

Guild Wars – Factions Preview

March 24 Comments Off Category: Gaming

The Guild Wars Factions preview is this weekend.. I got a chance to log in early this morning and take a quick run around the new frontiers.. I like the new classes.. Still not sure whther I would prefer to run an assassin or ritualist, or even what would make good secondaries, so since I […]