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Working on the Lil Buzzard

November 28 Comments Off Category: Flight

I’ve started setting aside one day a week to help dad get his plane back in the air. A few years back he built the Lil Buzzard for keeping close to the house instead of flying the Musketeer. I really think that he prefers flying the smaller planes because he started out there with my […]

The amazing Ecranoplanes

October 03 Comments Off Category: Cold War Tech, Flight, Obsolescence, Weird Science

I’m not entirely convinced that we can call these things “planes” given the fact that they don’t actually fly.. To travel they rely on ground effect forces that allowed them to “fly” a few meters off the ground at serious speeds and while carrying enormous loads. My favorite has always been the Caspian Monster. Everything […]

Aluminum Overcast – EAA’s B-17

July 22 Comments Off Category: Events, Flight

Our local EAA Chapter has had the honor of hosting the B-17, Aluminum Overcast, for a couple of days. It is a magnificent aircraft with a long history of serving our country, and I love it. I was able to get away from work today for a few hours to volunteer and shoot a few […]

Giant Flying Toys

September 22 Comments Off Category: Flight, Toys

This is so cool.. But it makes me wonder just how much money and time was spent building this thing..