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December 30 Comments Off Category: Books, Hack The Planet

[iframe 120 240] I just finished reading Sex.Com by Kieren McCarthy and the #1 takeaway was something we have known for a very long time, Network Solutions sucks as a registrar. For those of you unaware of the drama, here is a very brief history: 1994 Sex.Com was registered by Gary Kreman 1995 Sex.Com […]


December 10 Comments Off Category: Books, Hack The Planet

[iframe 120 240] Let me start off by saying that I am not an Apple fanatic. I started out an an Apple II way made in high school, but never really got hooked on them. I was a Tandy user for the most part. Maybe it was the price. Maybe it was the fact […]

A Hacker Manifesto – Marxism 2.0

January 30 Comments Off Category: Books, Politics

Let me start of by saying up front that I am apparently a political opposite to the points of view raised in this book.. I really tried to read this with an open mind, but the writing is so dry and stilted that I simply couldn’t get in to the philosophies being presented.. It felt […]

The Templar Meridians

November 06 Comments Off Category: Books, UFOs and Crop Circles

The Templar Meridians by William F. Mann is an interesting, if dry, book that goes in to some detail about what exactly the Templar treasure was.. In Mann’s opinion the true treasure of the Templars was knowledge.. Knowledge of navigation and metalurgy more than anything else.. The Templars relearned lost knowledge when they occupied Solomon’s […]

Gentle Architecture

August 10 Comments Off Category: Architecture, Books

Malcolm Wells was an early supporter of taking architecture into a more green way of thinking.. Starting back in the 60′s he experimented with various ways of building without harming the surrounding world.. From energy conservation to soil preservation to water conservation.. His book, Gentle Architecture (1984) Powell’s Books, was something that I picked up […]


June 04 Comments Off Category: Books, Gaming

Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby have put together a great book about the culture of gaming and game developers.. The book follows several of the game world’s masters such as CliffyB (Unreal) and Shigeru Miyamoto (Nitendo) and their rise to the top of the gaming world.. Weaving game developer events with the history of gaming […]

The Art of Intrusion

April 06 Comments Off Category: Books, Hack The Planet

I just finished reading The Art of Intrusion by everyone’s favorite hacker, Kevin Mitnick.. The book focuses mainly on ways people try to gain access to networks, buildings, and information in general.. And it does a pretty good job of telling the stories of the people involved.. If you are looking for a guide to […]