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Fixing a Concrete Porch

September 16 1 Comment Category: Architecture, Business

One of the things we discovered last spring wast that there is no footer at all under the front porch. This wouldn’t be “too” terrible if it were a small porch tied in to the house. But this is a massive concrete porch that runs nearly half the length of the house. This spring it […]

Kitchen Remodel : Part 3

September 01 Comments Off Category: Architecture

After a lot of work, several weeks worth, we’ve managed to finish the kitchen, mostly. Appliances are in new locations to make the kitchen more functional, new porcelain tile has been laid, and our new granite counter tops are in and level. Right now I’m thinking I don’t want to do this again, but I […]

Kitchen Remodel : Part 2

August 06 Comments Off Category: Architecture

The remodel is going slow. We picked a great week to start this with the 4H fair going on, but we have gotten a lot done. The floor is in, most of the cabinets have been rehung, all we are waiting for now is for the new granite counter tops to arrive. Those should be […]

Kitchen Remodel : Part 1

July 26 Comments Off Category: Architecture

It’s finally time to remodel the kitchen. We’ve been planning on doing this for a few years now and just never found the time to get it done. The main reason for the remodel is the terrible placement of the refrigerator and the sagging floor. We decided to do a total tear out all the […]

Gentle Architecture

August 10 Comments Off Category: Architecture, Books

Malcolm Wells was an early supporter of taking architecture into a more green way of thinking.. Starting back in the 60′s he experimented with various ways of building without harming the surrounding world.. From energy conservation to soil preservation to water conservation.. His book, Gentle Architecture (1984) Powell’s Books, was something that I picked up […]